My Top Ten Films of 2016

So the Oscars were two nights ago and I want to congratulate La La Land Moonlight on winning Best Picture. I’ve heard nothing but good things and can’t wait to see it. That said, given that I have not seen it or many of the other Oscar Nominees from last year, my own Top Ten list looks quite different.

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A Monster Calls: When the Wild Things Grow Up

Most young adult fantasies are safely detached from the real world. They exist in fictitious lands that bare only certain semblances to our lives. While many tackle familiar issues, the screen of the alien is always there to obscure everything. Not too much for the message to be lost, just enough for it to be fun. A Monster Calls smashes through that screen, picking the reader up into a world feels every bit as beautiful and terrible as the one we wake into each day of our lives.

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