Unveiling the Pilot (Part One): The Red Rings of Redemption Play Lost: Via Domus

Today marks the beginning of something new for the Red Rings of Redemption. I am proud to announce that the first part of the pilot for the Youtube series, The Red Rings of Redemption Play, is now online for public viewing pleasure. Obviously this represents a work in progress. While the eventual series will follow a similar format, changes will be made. Feedback at this stage is more than welcome as we are aiming to create the best program we can.

I will just say for starters that editing and a few issues on the technical side (sound syncing) will be improved in the later videos. There were a few issues that arose this particular filming that prevented it from being tighter.

So with that being said I invite you to watch us as we embark on this next stage of the journey. Here’s hoping it will be fun!