Why Bernie Sanders?

Okay, I promise to get back to the writing-centric articles soon. Cross my heart. That said, it’s 2020 and the race for the presidency feels like it’s been going on for four years already (partly because President Trump never stopped holding rallies). It’s exhausting – I get it. Heck, I’m more political than the average person and I’m annoyed by how much political news there’s been…and its overall lackluster quality.

So, if you would allow me to climb up on my soap box. I want to tell you about a senator for Vermont and why I’m voting for him. I also want to try and convince my centrist friends out there to please, rethink your political vision of America.

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Weekly Wrap-Up (Mar. 9-15): Dark Souls II, Captain America 3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys, and More

Wasn’t the biggest week in terms of development. Nevertheless, here we go:

1) Dark Souls II and Titanfall were released, with Dark Souls II landing more press coverage.

This, to me, shows just how much brands matter. I know that Dark Souls II has also been reviewed to be the better game (92 on Metacritic vs. 86 for Titanfall) but being a sequel has really helped Dark Souls II gain more attention than Titanfall. It also helps that Dark Souls II was released for last-gen systems (weird to say that) and Titanfall was pushed on the Xbox One: a system that does not sound like it is selling as well as Microsoft hoped.

At least this man was marginally excited for Titanfall's release.
At least this man was marginally excited for Titanfall‘s release.

2) Captain America 3 is set to battle the Superman/Batman movie at the Box Office.

Guess that means that Cap isn’t dying in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Producers have already revealed that they are willing to shift the Superman/Batman movie release date yet again: such confidence.

I'm still waiting for a movie where this legitimately happens.
I’m still waiting for a movie where this legitimately happens.

3)Action figures spoil designs for the Ninja Turtles and Muto.

Well, how much can you really spoil the Ninja Turtles? Here they are (warning: they look like turtles! But somehow ninjas? And teenagers? AND MUTANTS?! Mind blown). One of Godzilla’s foes (from the upcoming film of the same name) was also spoiled. Muto, enjoy the picture below for a first, albeit low-quality look at the monster.

Again: words fail me with how excited I am for this movie.
Again: words fail me with how excited I am for this movie.

4) Do people not like to make sequels in the same decade as the originals anymore?

Seriously, first 300 (cause soooo many people wanted another one of those) and now Sin City?

5) Americans rush to re-embrace Cold War attitudes on Russia.

Evidently it wasn’t fun enough the first time.

6) In an era of unprecidented technology and communication: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanishes without a trace.

This is a tragically fascinating story that has been developing over the past week. Everyone is blaming someone else. My thoughts go with the families involved in this upsetting story.

7) Obama appeared on “Between Two Ferns”

WHAT?! So wonderful.

But not everyone thought so.